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Upholstery Cleaning in Torrance Ca. No Harsh Chemicals-No Residue


Our goal is to remove normal soiling without changing the color, texture or finish of a fabric.


Before cleaning, you should tell the technician how old the furniture is, if you have used any spotters or cleaners on it yourself or if the piece has ever been reupholstered.


Depending on the type of fabric, different methods of cleaning will be used by us.


Dry solvent cleaning is thought of as the safest method. The upholstery shampoo method is quick & effective and dries quickly. Dry foam cleaning is similar to the shampoo method but it uses less moisture so it dries even faster. Hot water extraction cleaning is the most effective way to remove heavy soils, provided the fabric is compatible with this method. This is also the preferred method for restorative cleaning and for sanitized cleaning.


Applying fabric protection can increase the life of your upholstery. However, it does not eliminate the need for proper fabric care. It doesn't put a plastic cover on it. Loose dirt should still be vacuumed up on a regular basis and spills and stains should be cleaned away as quickly as possible.


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