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Stripping & waxing floors in Torrance Ca. 

Equipment: The process begins by ensuring you have the right equipment on hand. And really, this is much more comprehensive than simply one of our floor scrubbing machines, or the floor strippers you need to apply. We have a full check list for you to print up and use as your guide so you can complete everything safely and efficiently.

Pre-Clean: Before applying any floor strippers, you’ll need to pre-clean and prepare. That means removing furniture and obstacles and dust mopping the floor.

Stripping: Now’s the time to actually apply the floor stripper to the floor, which can be done using a mop and bucket. Before working on the floor, you’ll also want to use baseboard stripper to get that task out of the way to begin with. Then apply the floor stripper, let stand for between 10 and 15 minutes, and remove with a swivel utility pad or similar tool.

Floor Scrubbing Machines: Break out one of the great floor scrubbing machines we have available, and use it with the appropriate stripping pads.

Double scrub the floor, always keeping the machine in front of you, as the floor will become extremely slippery.

Clean Up: Now clean up the excess floor stripper utilizing a wet vac, or simply a mop, and let the area dry.

Floor Finish: Apply the floor finish with a mop. Divide a large space into smaller pieces, allowing for easier maneuvering and quicker time of completion. Outline each area, then fill it in, and allow 30 minutes before applying the second coat. In the interim, complete the process for other areas of the room, so that you can efficiently go back and begin applying further coats.

Apply between 3 and 5 coats in total to complete the job.

Prestigious Cleaning Company specializes in stripping & waxing floors in Torrance, Long Beach, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Manhattan beach, Hermosa beach, Inglewood, Los Angeles. 

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