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1. Pre vacuuming- It is estimated that 79% of carpet soil is dry particulates. This a very important step that lots of carpet cleaners skip.              

2.  Pre conditioning- This is the process where we spray down a hot alkaline solution. This starts to loosen up the embedded soil.

3. Agitation- We use a dual cylindrical brush machine to scrub the carpet. This is how tge soil is suspended from the carpet fibers.

4. Spotting- Some spots need a little extra treatment. This is when we give them extra attention.

5. Deep steam cleaning- This is the process where we remove the suspended soil by extraction. We use a truck mounted steam cleaning unit.

6. Carpet Grooming- This is the process where we use a carpet grooming brush to give the carpet a uniformed look & stand the carpet fibers up so that air can flow through is easily.  This assist with faster dry times...

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